Store Locator

Technologies Used: HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, Google Maps API

How do you find the nearest store closest to you? Using data elements in HTM5, we created a store locator that needed no database.

Main Features
  • User can go through all listings using the pagination feature.
  • Distances from locations are available in 5 - 50 miles.
  • When a location is selected, the marker indicates it on the map that is adjacent to it.
  • Users can also filter the list to see stores that have multiple locations.
  • Users can see directions not only on the map, but also in a turn-by-turn format.
Developer's Notes
This was so fascinating to build--actually watching HTML5 come alive! No need for databases, as using data elements in HTML5 took care of it. Also a quick secret that I found work wonders--if you're not in the mood to type all the locations, upload the Excel file to a MySQL database and run it as a PHP script--works every time!

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