Event Locator

Technologies Used: jQuery, CSS3, HTML5, XML, Ajax

Looking to find exactly where a business is located? With this Directions App, simply enter a set of locations, and then use the Google Maps API to get directions.

Main Features
  • Ability to select from one of six previously entered locations or selecting all.
  • Different colored markers indicate where the location is.
  • When a location is selected, a popup appears with detailed information.
  • In the popup, the user is given a link to enter in directions.
  • The directions popup allows the user to enter their starting address, while the ending address is already prepopulated.
Developer's Notes
While this implementation of Google Maps seemed easy at first, the challenge came in when it was decided that each location have it's own marker and description rather than all being able to be implemented under the "All" feature. This then proved easier to implement the "Find Directions" initiative due to Google Maps providing insight on their own site. Overall, not entirely painless;however, not a walk in the park either.

Coming soon!