Event Finder

Technologies Used: SaxoTech, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5

The Event Finder application was designed to usher in Small Business Week, helping participants find events throughout Chicagoland.

Main Features
  • Users can sort events using a multitude of options including date, price, and program partner.
  • On page load, events are listed by date so they can be easily found.
  • More information about each event can be found in a modal window when the link is clicked.
  • An "add to my events" link allows a user to save the event to their local hard drive.
  • A "Get Directions" link allows users to get turn-by-turn directions.
Developer's Notes
The event finder was created to help ease the woes of having to find events all throughout Chicagoland. This was a fun project because it drove people to it solely by need. Constructing this layout was a no-brainer--making sure each user could sort, save, and add to their calendar created a user experience unlike no other.

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